A local community choir bringing people together through music 

Next Rehearsal Tuesday June 25th at 7p.m. 

37 Place

2605 East 25th St.  

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Local Vocals is a community choir founded in 2022.  The choir practices monthly with additional rehearsals leading up to performances. Rehearsals take place at 37 Place Community Center, 2605 East 25th St. This is in partnership with Edna Martin Christian Center.  Performances include concerts, community events, and live music events with soul band, Frederic & Ronza. The choir is accompanied by a full band for their performances. People from all over the community participate in the choir.  Join us and experience the joy of music and community.  

The goals of the choir are as follows: 

  1. Increase the emotional well-being of participants. 
  2.  Create harmony in a diverse community by providing an opportunity to interact with different races and ethnicities.
  3. Increase community connectedness.

Research shows that participating in a community choir can help people feel more optimistic, can help people feel less lonely and be more tolerant of others.  

For more information, contact us here. fredericandronza@gmail.com or text, 616-250-8376, or join us at rehearsal.